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Please contact me so we can discuss availability and pricing for your specific needs and desires - care can and will be customized to you and your life.


Payment plans also available. 

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Maybe you aren't even sure what a doula is.

Or perhaps you don't understand why you need a doula.

Or you are trying to find just the right doula for you. 

Let's meet! 

Our first meeting will be at a neutral, public location where you feel comfortable. We'll chat about what a doula is and why every woman deserves a doula regardless of how she's choosing to bring her baby into this world. We can discuss what ideas, visions, apprehensions you may have for your birth, and how I may help make your birth experience as positive as possible. The birth of your child is, afterall, an experience you'll remember for your lifetime. 

Is your partner unsure about your need for a doula? Birth is a transformative experience for them, too, and my support extends to but will not overshadow them. Bring them to our consultation so they can get all their questions answered as well! 

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