Tel: 314-412-0916

Please contact me so we can discuss availability and pricing for your specific needs and desires - care can and will be customized to you and your life.


Payment plans also available. 

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Labor & Birth

I will be on call for you 24/7 as baby-time approaches. We will check in with each other as labor begins and builds. I will suggest coping methods and techniques to help you and your partner manage early labor at home well.


When you are ready for extra support, I will join you either at home or the hospital or birth center of your choice. I will stay with you throughout the duration of your labor to support you and your partner's needs and help you achieve your birth vision and goals. 

I will be there to help you settle into the immediate postpartum period. I can help you achieve a good first latch if you plan to breastfeed. When my work is done, you will be comfortable to cherish your time getting to know your new little love. 

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